Terms and Conditions

  1. One day hire mean 24hrs.Extra hours will be charge @ AED 10/-per hour.
  2. Daily 400/-Weekly 300/-Monthly 6000/- KM allowed. Extra KM will be charge @ AED 30/- fils per KM.
  3. Salik (Toll Tax) will be charge @ AED 4.5/-per transaction.
  4. Fine Security:-
    there are two options.
    a-Hirer can deposit cash AED 1,000/-on closing of the rental agreement. Deposit will be refund after 20 days. If there will be no fine.
    b-Hirer can block AED 1,000/-from his credit/debit card which will be reverse automatically two weeks after returning the car.
    for tourist/Non residence of UAE, fine deposit/block amount is AED 1,500/-
  5. In the event of an accident or damage, the renter must notify the police immediately and obtain a police report. If the renter is less than 25 years old, he/ she must pay 15% of damage cost. If the renter has a driver’s license less than 1 year,he/she must pay 10% of the damage cost. If both cases apply, the renter must pay 25% of damage cost.
  6. Cars are fully insured but in case of accident if police provide you green slip then nothing to pay but if police provide you red slip then insurance excess is there in case of your mistake in accident which is minimum AED 1,000/- and may be higher for certain vehicle Categories.
  7. All our cars are non-smoking. We request that clients do not smoke inside the vehicles, as smoking odors’ and/or cigarette burns are subject to penalties of minimum AED 500.
  8. Rented vehicles cannot be taken out of the United Arab Emirates.
  9. Infant, toddler and child safety seats as well as GPS navigation equipment are available for rent at an additional charge.
  10. The vehicle should be returned with the same amount of fuel that it had when the vehicle was handed over. If the fuel level is lower, will be charge accordingly.
  11. if hirer take clean car & return unclean then cleaning charges will be there according to cleaner bils.
  12. Hirer will inform us when the car regular oil service is due (oil svs,break svs etc)
  13. Vehicle insurance is valid only in UAE.
  14. Any dispute between hirer & Transporter will be resolve according to UAE law.